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As an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in a Japanese Elementary School your job is to help give young Japanese students the tools and confidence to begin learning foreign languages. Although the focus is mainly on learning basic English phrases, the main goal is to give students a chance to communicate through a language other than Japanese and help them overcome any fears that foreign languages are 'too difficult'.


Working closely with your school's Home Room Teachers (HRT), your duties include:

  • Preparing a yearly lesson plan

  • Preparing each days lessons and activities

  • Finding exciting, fun and easy ways to build confidence in language learning

  • Maintaining a positive, friendly relationship with students and staff

  • Teaching students (and staff) about your own culture and country

  • Joining in school activities like sports days, concerts and cleaning!!

  • Giving students a chance to communicate with a native speaker

  • Being aware of students who face challenges and, working with your HRT, finding ways to overcome those challenges together


Working as an ALT is an all encompassing, often varied and ultimately rewarding experience. No two schools are alike, no two classes are alike and every student has their own way of approaching their studies. The greatest challenge facing an ALT is creating a fun environment in which every student, regardless of ability, discovers learning a new language is something they can, and want to do. 

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